Advisory Board

Davis Smith Davis Smith, MD – Internist and director of health services, Westminster School, a high school in Simsbury, CT.
Andy Milne Andy Milne, PGCE – Kinetic wellness teacher at New Trier Township High School, in Winnetka, IL. Andy is a passionate health educator who has taught and coached for 18 years in both London and Illinois.
Marla Eisenberg Marla Eisenberg, ScD, MPH – Associate Professor in Pediatrics in the Division of Adolescent Health and Medicine at the University of Minnesota. She received her Doctor of Science degree from Harvard University School of Public Health and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Adolescent Health. Dr. Eisenberg’s research focuses on social influences on high-risk health behaviors of adolescents and young adults.
Margie Skeer Margie Skeer, ScD, MPH, MSW – Assistant professor at Tufts University School of Medicine in the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine. She received her doctorate from the Harvard School of Public Health with a major in Maternal and Child Health, and completed her postdoctoral training at the Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies. Current research interests include the relationship between family meals and risk outcomes among adolescents, as well as prescription drug misuse prevention.
Casey Corcoran Casey Corcoran, MAT – Program director, Children & Youth Program, Futures Without Violence. Casey’s work specializes in promoting healthy relationships and preventing violence among adolescents.
Nicole Larson Nicole Larson, PhD, MPH, RDN – Senior Research Associate in the Division of Epidemiology and Community Health at the University of Minnesota. Her research focuses on the identification of factors within social and physical environments that may be modified to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors and reduce barriers to the attainment of health equity among adolescent and young adult populations.
Stacy Ciarleglio Stacy Ciarleglio, ATC/L – Head Athletic Trainer at the Westminster School in Simsbury, Connecticut. Stacy is an Athletic Trainer certified by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification. Her special interests include strength and conditioning, Functional Movement Screens, and injury prevention through healthy lifestyle and exercise.
Lizzy Appleby Lizzy Appleby, MSW – Program Manager at Youth Services, a nonprofit organization in Glenview, Illinois. Lizzy oversees programs dedicated to supporting teens and young adults in the areas of sexual health, identity, and education. She focuses on building youth-adult partnerships to foster healthier and more inclusive communities.
Daheia Anderson Daheia J. Barr-Anderson, PhD, MSPH, FACSM – Assistant Professor in the School of Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota. Her research interests focus on physical activity, sedentary behaviors, and obesity prevention in children and adolescents. She is particularly interested in examining these behaviors among African American females using home- and community-based, environmental interventions that incorporate both physical activity and nutrition.