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How to handle your mistakes mindfully

By Jon Krop Let’s talk about making mistakes. Now, I personally never make them (which I’m sure my editors here at SH101 will happily confirm), but I’ve heard that literally everyone else on earth does. Making mistakes is an unavoidable part of being human. In a way,...

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How to help students handle social anxiety

By Renée Morrison and Macaela Mackenzie Almost everyone experiences social anxiety on occasion, but for some, it’s a disorder that manifests itself as an extreme fear—one that can be a hindrance to overall happiness. There’s a difference between feeling nervous in a...

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Understanding teen depression: How you can help

Jon Krop For adolescents, the boost in hormones during puberty—added to the stress of getting good grades and fitting in socially—can cause drastic emotional highs and lows. This is healthy and normal, but for some, those lows become a constant. A teen may be...

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How to help students feel comfortable with public speaking

Staff writers Stage fright is super common for lots of people, but especially among students who may find themselves frequently being asked to give presentations or perform in front of a crowd. The problem is, students don’t know how to get over the fear. In a 2011...

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