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How to help students understand consent

Leila Yoder The idea of getting consent before doing something with someone else’s body or property is a basic one that most of us learned at an early age. Still, when it comes to physical intimacy, sometimes consent can seem confusing or more complicated than it...

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How to help students manage their friendships

Macaela Mackenzie & Anna-Marie Jaeschke High school friendships aren’t confined to students’ lives on the weekends—they’re a key part of ensuring student health and success at school. “Healthy friendships are important at every age,” says Dr. Marjorie Hogan, a...

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How to set your students up for studying success

Anna-Marie Jaeschke & Macaela Mackenzie The majority of students retain information most effectively when blending a few different study methods. But setting students up for studying success begins before they get to the library. Be up front “Complete transparency...

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How to encourage students to get the sleep they need

Julia Haskins Sufficient sleep is priceless, especially for busy students who tend to not get enough. Researchers consistently find that not getting enough sleep can majorly affect how students function. For example, insufficient sleep negatively affects hormone...

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