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How to talk to students about sexting

Chamonix Adams Porter Sexting—digitally sharing sexually explicit messages or pictures—has become a common part of young people’s lives. According to a review of 39 studies, about 15 percent of teens report sending sexts and 27 percent report receiving them (JAMA...

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The art of being selfishly kind this holiday season

Jon Krop The holidays make me think of two things: (1) lots of talk about kindness and giving and “the holiday spirit,” and (2) lots of stress about travel, family, last-minute work, and other holiday hassles. The problem is that I’m usually too busy dealing with #2...

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How to encourage students not to cheat

Macaela Mackenzie & Katie Kretschmer It’s important for issues of academic integrity to be properly dealt with at every high school. But how and why students cheat is rarely a black-and-white matter. As increasing academic pressures and technology in the classroom...

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How to help students understand consent

Leila Yoder The idea of getting consent before doing something with someone else’s body or property is a basic one that most of us learned at an early age. Still, when it comes to physical intimacy, sometimes consent can seem confusing or more complicated than it...

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How to help students manage their friendships

Macaela Mackenzie & Anna-Marie Jaeschke High school friendships aren’t confined to students’ lives on the weekends—they’re a key part of ensuring student health and success at school. “Healthy friendships are important at every age,” says Dr. Marjorie Hogan, a...

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