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How to set your students up for studying success

Anna-Marie Jaeschke & Macaela Mackenzie The majority of students retain information most effectively when blending a few different study methods. But setting students up for studying success begins before they get to the library. Be up front “Complete transparency...

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How to encourage students to get the sleep they need

Julia Haskins Sufficient sleep is priceless, especially for busy students who tend to not get enough. Researchers consistently find that not getting enough sleep can majorly affect how students function. For example, insufficient sleep negatively affects hormone...

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Ingredients to help students start the day right

Julio Flores & Diana Whelan It’s a cliché, but it’s true: Breakfast is a vital part of the day—especially for students who need energy for those extra-long days at school. “Breakfast kick-starts your energy for the day. It’s fuel, both for [your] brain and body,” says...

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